I am seeking a full-time position as editor, director of student media, student media adviser, newsletter editor or historian. As a historian, I specialize in writing about public health and epidemics. I am also open to and experienced in clerical and nonprofit communications work. I am willing to relocate on your timeline and at my expense. I am vaccinated against COVID-19 (bivalent booster received Sept. 2022). I will gladly provide a copy of my vaccine card. I am also vaccinated against the flu (immunization received Oct. 2022).

If you would like to hire me, I can begin immediately.

Work Experience

Office of Research, George Mason University October 2019-Present

Science Communicator Collaborate with professors and researchers to write summaries of grant-funded projects. Post those summaries to EurekAlert! Write weekly summaries of external news coverage of Mason research. Manage Office of Research Twitter account (@MasonResearch).

Academic Assistance, George Mason University August 2016-December 2019

Level 4 Tutor Tutored Mason student athletes in history and created website with resources to help my students

Office of Research, George Mason University February 2016-October 2019

GMU Worker Wrote news articles about Mason research, produced weekly reports for top Mason officials summarizing external media coverage of Mason research and managed Office of Research Twitter account (@MasonResearch)

College of William & Mary February 2016-March 2016

Independent Contractor/Consultant Conducted social science research related to skills marine scientists need to transition to work outside academia

George Mason University March 2015-May 2015

Composition Web Developer Graded papers, provided student support during office hours and served as substitute instructor for two sections of English 302 (Advanced Composition)

Office of Research January 2015-January 2016

Part-time student wage Maintained Office of Research Facebook and Twitter accounts and produced weekly reports for top Mason officials summarizing media coverage of Mason research

ADA Compliance, George Mason University September-December 2011; June 2012-December 2013; August 2014-March 2015

Reading Aide Assisted a visually impaired English instructor with grading and test proctoring

Communications Intern, AACC May 2014-August 2014

Wrote press releases and news articles, compiled media lists, transcribed audio recordings of interviews and provided administrative support to the communications team of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry

Graduate Research Assistant, George Mason University August 2013-May 2014

Assisted communication professor with research project for Virginia Sea Grant focused on helping scientists communicate with their publics

GMView, George Mason University 2005

PR/Recruiting Director Sold more yearbooks than anyone else in my Yearbook Workshop class, took photographs and worked to recruit new members for GMView

Society of Professional Journalists, George Mason University chapter 2005

Assistant to the Advisor Helped to re-establish the Mason chapter of SPJ and conducted research on the habits of award-winning university newspaper staffs

Broadside, George Mason University 2003-2005

Senior Staff Writer Wrote specially selected stories under the direction of Broadside news editors 2005

News Editor Led a staff of more than thirty writers, selected and assigned news story topics and edited news copy during the Fall 2004 semester 2004

Guide Editor Selected, assigned and edited content for the 2004 Orientation Guide 2004

Assistant City Editor Edited the Spotlight page for the last issue of the Spring 2004 semester 2004

Staff Writer Reported and wrote articles on state and federal matters of interest to Mason students 2003-2004

University of South Carolina-Beaufort 2002-2003

Temporary Worker Served as switchboard operator and computer lab attendant

Broadside, George Mason University 2001

Staff Writer Wrote news and feature stories


George Mason University

Master of Arts, Communication, 2015

Science communication concentration; Master’s thesis on HIV and social support in religious settings

Bachelor of Arts, Communication, 2013

Public relations concentration; Electronic journalism minor

Master of Arts, History, 2012

Major papers on 1977 Led Zeppelin concert riot, 1918 influenza pandemic and Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906

Bachelor of Arts, History, 2002

Senior paper on colonial American quarantine laws related to smallpox in Massachusetts; invited to study at both Oxford and Cambridge

Volunteer Experience

-Served as board member, newsletter editor, webmaster and recording secretary of the Society of Professional Journalists Washington D.C. Pro Chapter

-Served as a proofreader of the Spring 2013 edition of Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences

-Completed historical photo preservation project at Beaufort County (S.C.) Public Library (2003)

Academic Memberships

Alpha Chi *Golden Key International Honour Society *National Society of Collegiate Scholars *National Dean’s List *Phi Alpha Theta *Phi Kappa Phi *Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Résumé (PDF)


Writing Samples:

Recent media report

Office of Research Media Report, 2.17.23

Regaining mobility after a spinal cord injury, with help from an exoskeleton


Cuellar Examining How COVID-19 Changed Care for Patients With Chronic Conditions


Attacking tumors from the inside


Next year’s eclipse will give Mason scientists rare glimpse into ionosphere


Mason researcher studies the evolution of blue and fin whales


Last updated: February 17, 2023